When a HP printer displays lớn be "offline" for inexplicable reasons, users have the following options to lớn solve the problem:

Tips for quick troubleshooting

Check the printer connections (WLAN/USB)Restart the printer và the computer/laptopCheck the printer ink cartridges or toner cartridgesDownload and install the latest driver version for your printer

The HP printer is connected via USB

When the HP printer is connected lớn the PC or máy vi tính via a USB cable and is displayed as offline, it makes sens khổng lồ first kiểm tra whether the cable is plugged in correctly. Maybe it loosened or is not plugged in at all. If the USB port on the computer or máy tính turns out khổng lồ be defective, you can try another USB socket. Sometimes it is also helpful khổng lồ restart the printer. Maybe the HP printer was stuck in energy saving mode. If the USB cable itself is damaged, simply use an other USB cable and check the connection again.

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Checking the Software

If the first steps don"t solve the problem and the HP printer is still offline, checking the software may help. In Mac, Windows or Linux: mở cửa the computer control panel by right-clicking (for Windows) on the opetating systems symbol, located at the bottom left of the screen. Now an overview appears, in which the control panel can also be found. After clicking on the control panel, a pop-up window opens. Select "printers & devices" & click on the HP printer with the right mouse button. Select the printer properties choose the tab "security". Make sure that all boxes are ticked và set on "allow".

The HP printer is connected via WLAN

When the HP printer is offline and used as a network printer via WLAN, it is important that all network connections are checked. Hierfür muss nicht nur der Drucker, sondern auch der Route eingeschaltet sein. Zudem müssen sich Drucker und Router natürlich yên ổn gleichen Netzwerk befinden. To vì chưng so, not only the printer but also the router must be switched on. The printer & router must of course be on the same network. If this kiểm tra also does not help và the HP printer is still offline, it may be that there is not enough paper available or the ink or toner cartridges are either empty or on a low level. You can also check whether the cartridges are properly placed in the HP printer. If a cartridge is incorrectly placed, the HP printer may be offline for security reasons. In most cases, however, an error message indicates that an incorrectly placed cartridge causes a problem.

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The HP Printer is still offline? Further Solution Suggestions

In addition to lớn the reasons mentioned, the offline status can also have many other causes:

The HP printer manual may give information on how to solve the problem. The last step is to liên hệ HP customer support. Before further damage occurs, a professional should take a look at the HP printer.

Should your printer not work properly, you are welcome to lớn request a free quote!