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used khổng lồ refer lớn businesses & industries that are owned or controlled by the government, or things that are related lớn these businesses & industries:
public-sector employees/workers/managers Unions have rejected the government"s pay offer for public-sector workers.
It imposed new taxes while putting a cap on spending, transferred control from unions to lớn the state, & eliminated special regimes for public-sector workers.
However, subsequent e^orts lớn privatize these 314 public-sector enterprises proceeded slowly and in piecemeal fashion.
In addition khổng lồ these private pension schemes, unfunded public-sector pension programmes that offer similar conditions are provided to lớn state employees.
His account, lượt thích many, emphasizes public-sector managers being constrained by the general organizations & "a complex mix of laws và regulations" (p. 16).
Moreover, were the state to adopt the eight-hour day for public-sector workers, this would be a powerful example.
In richer suburban areas, local authorities và other public-sector organizations had the resources & time khổng lồ produce better chất lượng documents.
It is worth recalling that public-sector employees had their benefit màn chơi based on final salary rather than average earnings of the last five years.
và relations of authority in public-sector firms by definition are relations between individuals & the state.
It is of significance that some public-sector breeding programmes have excellent client-orientation because far mer groups fund them.
Real public-sector earnings, on the other hand, increased from an index of 48 in 1983 lớn 270 by 1992.
While public-sector size in general may not be associated with corruption, egregious forms of state intervention are another matter.
In 1978, organized labor formally abandoned its longstanding commitment khổng lồ public-sector solutions lớn achieve universal health care.
First, this intervention would probably require adaptation for use in other settings such as community private practice or public-sector mental health clinics.
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