Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu bao gồm chứa trường đoản cú "timekeeper|timekeepers", trong bộ từ điển tự điển giờ đồng hồ Anh. Bạn cũng có thể tham khảo hầu hết mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống cần để câu với trường đoản cú timekeeper|timekeepers, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ timekeeper|timekeepers trong bộ từ điển từ bỏ điển giờ Anh

1. What does this timekeeper do?

2. This clock a good timekeeper.

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3. The watch is an excellent timekeeper.

4. This clock is a good timekeeper.

5. Perfect timekeepers, instinctively wise, they know how the tides work.

6. I"m the timekeeper for the town.

7. Officials include a referee, judges and a timekeeper.

8. Everybody looks agape, also forget even timekeeper press stopwatch.

9. Jurgen appointed himself as race referee & official timekeeper.

10. She presided over the present-opening lượt thích an officious timekeeper.

11. RCT Receiver ASIC is the bộ fkhorizont-turnovo.com xử lý core of Radio - controlled timekeeper.

12. The factory timekeeper keeps tài khoản of the hours of work done.

13. Jet lag occurs because jet travel ignores the circadian timekeeper.

14. She is going khổng lồ be a timekeeper at the track meet.

15. 12) She is going to lớn be a timekeeper at the track meet.

16. Officials include a mat chairman , a referee, a judge, & a timekeeper.

17. She had to move fast khổng lồ meet quotas kept by a timekeeper.

18. A Careful Timekeeper A clockmaker has a shop in a busy town.

19. Room temperature exerted a powerful influence on the going rate of any timekeeper.

20. Will you take it back or exchange it if it is not a good timekeeper?

21. The pineal gland is therefore a photosensitive organ và an important timekeeper for the human body.

22. The value of the uniform time sheet lies in the education of the timekeepers, resulting in a more efficient working force.

23. Clearly, the board needed a full disclosure on the timekeeper before they sent it back to sea.

24. Recognizing the potential market for a low-cost timekeeper, two investors in Waterbury , Conn. , took action.

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25. Later, he swore out an affidafkhorizont-turnovo.comt admitting his own mistake & praising the accuracy of the timekeeper.