We know that many brands claim their displays, such as trang chủ TV, home projector, computer monitor, gaming monitor, commercial signage và commercial industrial projector, come with 4K UHD (Ultra HD) quality. But what does “4K UHD” actually mean? What’s the difference between 4K UHD và the well-known Full HD? The difference is HUGE!

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Both Full HD và 4K UHD represent the resolution of a display. The term resolution is considered as the pixel count in ditigal imaging. Full HD resolution means there are true 1920 pixels in width & 1080 pixels in height. However, if we want to lớn enjoy true Full HD images, besides a Full HD TV or projector, we also need khổng lồ connect the display lớn a Full HD Blu-ray player via HDMI cable và of course, a Blu-ray disc in Full HD format is necessary.


Since mid-2013, the global imaging industry started to lớn move khổng lồ 4K and 4K UHD supporting displays were launched one after another. This resulted in the phenomenon that all brands started khổng lồ dedicate themselves lớn the development of 4K UHD products. 4K UHD refers lớn a horizontal screen display or image resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels. What is different from a Full HD is that the specifications of 4K UHD varies in professional fields và thus results in different definitions of horizontal pixels x vertical pixels. Take trang chủ displays for example, the 4K UHD specifications refer to one of two high definitions: 3840×2160 pixels and 4096×2160 pixels. Through the developments over the years, major 4K UHD displays tư vấn 3840×2160 pixels & only very few products support 4096×2160 pixels.


Is there a big difference when viewing 4K UHD & Full HD movies? Actually, this is exactly the question people asked when the Full HD Blu-ray discs were just released. “Do we really need Full HD? DVD quality is good enough though.” However, the truth is that the audience gets spoiled once they have experienced Blu-ray quality. It is the same with 4K UHD và Full HD. Once compared, you can tell the difference between the old and new specifications. The most impressive part is a more detailed image achieved by increased resolution. 4K UHD cannot only bring a clearer & more natural image, but also deeply moves the audience.

From a scientific perspective, we can tell the huge difference between 4K UHD và Full HD even more easily. The horizontal human field of view is around 100 degrees; each degree can accept up to 60 pixels. In other words, 6,000 pixels can satisfy maximum horizontal field of view & the resolution of viewed images. So according to lớn Full HD specifications, the horizontal resolution is around 1920, which is equal to lớn “32 degrees” when converted into the horizontal field of view, which is even narrower than half of the maximum horizontal field of view. To lớn gain a larger angle of coverage, you need lớn shorten the distance between the eyes & the image. The closer the eyes are khổng lồ the image, the easier they will detect px intervals và this causes the so-called “window pane effect.”

We pursue the best immersive experience by using large-sized TVs & projectors. Obviously, the image effect brought by Full HD has its limits; comparatively, the image px count shown on a 4K UHD display is 4 times higher than the count on a Full HD. So with the same unit space, viewers can sit closer lớn the display & gain a larger angle of coverage without feeling any roughness. Of course, viewers will naturally enjoy a deeper immersive experience.


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