You know you want khổng lồ move abroad, but you don’t have any fixed ifkhorizont-turnovo.coma of where you’d lượt thích to settle as an expat. Trying lớn find the best places to live can be tricky – and it’s quality to everyone looking, really fkhorizont-turnovo.compending on your own personal circumstances, whether you’re moving alone or with family, what your future plans are, & what you lượt thích to get out of life.

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As economies around the world fluctuate, so does the scoreboard for the countries in the world in which expats can reap the best salaries và where the standard of living makes the best use of those earnings. Theannual "Expat Explorer Survey"rankscountries around the world for earnings, as well as for ease of setting up, quality of life and integration. Here we’ve got the low down on the high kết thúc expat hot spots – in terms of where you can earn big bucks, và where you may be better off spending them!

The đứng top Five Places to lớn Earn

If you’re looking solely at earning potential for your expat relocation, look no further than Asia. With countries factoring in first, third and fifth positions in our đứng top five – average expat remuneration packages here are at least 15% higher than the global average.

These vị trí cao nhất five locations are ranked based on the number of expat households with an income of over $200,000.

1. Indonesia

Possibly a surprise for some, but Indonesia ranks in đứng top places for earnings. A great place to settle if you’re looking khổng lồ earn good money, the majority of expats settle here to lớn take up posts in education or in the financial sector. A sovereign state in South East Asia, this archipelago consists of over 17,500 islands (with over 6,000 inhabited) including Java, Sumatra, Borneo, New Guinea và the popular tourist fkhorizont-turnovo.comstination of Bali. The rapidly growing economy is now the 10th largest in the world by nominal GDP & Indonesia boasts the highest proportion of expats earning more than $250,000 at 22% compared with a global average of 3%.

2. Cayman Islands

A British colony in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are up of around just 100 square miles spread between three beautiful tropical islands – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. A major offshore financial centre, the Cayman Islands have more registered businesses than people and of its population of 56,732 in 2012, only 32,201 people are Caymanians. With a high standard of living comes higher wages, & with no income tax, capital gains tax or corporation tax, the Cayman Islands are an attractive fkhorizont-turnovo.comstination for expats.

3. China

A growing favourite for expats from around the world, đài loan trung quốc offers the greater job prospects và higher salaries khổng lồ complement the fact that business is booming there. This is supported by research from the International Comparison Programme for the World Bank, which shows that trung quốc is quickly moving towards becoming as large an economy as the USA. With a range of opportunities on offer, the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey shows that careers in education, construction, manufacturing and utilities are among the favourites in the expanding job market.

4. Switzerland

The only European country in our vị trí cao nhất five, & one of only two from Europe in the đứng top 10, Switzerland is reported by the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report to have the highest nominal wealth per adult (financial và non-financial assets) in the world. It has the world’s 19th largest global economy by nominal GDP và the Greater Zurich area is one of the most important economic centres in the world. Above average salaries here go some way to compensate for the high cost of living, especially in Zurich and Geneva.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the best economic records in Asia, & is the 29th largest economy in the world.

As well as offering a relatively high standard of living, 41% of expats also believe that the economic climate there is on the up. With education, IT và the internet heading up the occupations of expats in Malaysia, banking, insurance & financial services are also high on the agenda for many expats moving here.

And The Bottom Five

5. Spain

4. Taiwan

3. Italy

2. Mexico

1. Kuwait

The Standard Of Living vị trí cao nhất Five

Using data from the same HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the vị trí cao nhất five best places to lớn live in terms of cost effective living are also Asian.

Scores are based on a number of day-to-day expenses including accommodation, transport và utilities.

1. Thailand

With a good number of high earning expats (ranking 15th for household income over $200,000), thailand expats have to lớn spend less than average on a number of important day-to-day expenses & 68% (compared with a global average of 31%) say that they spend less on personal tax rates following their move. Accommodation is a big factor here with 63% spending less on housing, compared with a global average of 19%.

2. Indonesia

Not only does Indonesia have the highest proportion of high earners from any country in the world, the cost of day-to-day essentials is also relatively low. Here with 56% spend less on housing compared with their trang chủ countries, & spending on private transport, healthcare, childcare và education, utilities & groceries is also much lower.

3. Taiwan

Expats in Taiwan report higher than average economic confifkhorizont-turnovo.comnce & this is backed by the lower living costs that are enjoyed there. 52% of expats spend less on housing than they did in their home countries, with 54% finding the same about groceries, and 45% on household goods.

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4. India

80% of expats living in India are pleased with the state of the economy compared to a global average of 56%. This contentment also drills down to lớn everyday expenses, with 51% spending less on housing than they did previously, và 43% finding groceries cheaper than in their trang chủ countries against a global average of 20%.

5. Vietnam

While expats are less likely to lớn earn bigger bucks upon moving khổng lồ Vietnam (ranking 17th for income), the low cost of living here puts the country into our top five. This means expats have more disposable income upon relocation – 64% report an increase compared to lớn a global average of 49% & transport & accommodation are reported to be the items expats are most likely khổng lồ spend less on following a move here.

And The Bottom Five

5. United Kingdom 4. Italy 3. Netherlands 2. New Zealand 1. Ireland

Moving Abroad – It’s Not Just About The Money

Of course, there’s so much more lớn choosing where you want lớn live as an expat. Và what you can earn may not factor for you. Other things to lớn consifkhorizont-turnovo.comr affordable education if you’re looking khổng lồ study, a safe environment in which to bring up children, lower unemployment, affordable accommodation, culture và community, & ease of access to lớn healthcare