I am right now studying verbs and their prepositions together.I came across this one: halten von.

Bạn đang xem: Was hältst du von

On Duden I found like 20 different meanings for halten.But what I would lượt thích to understand is the combination halten von + dat.

From the examples, found on Duden, I think I would translate it as to consider or maybe to think.

I would translate "Was hältst du davon?" as "What do you think about it?" or "What is your opinion about it?". Is it right? and is it actually used in normal conversations? I would like to know if it would sound normal or common if I use it.

What confuses me, there"s also an example that I found that says:Mein Vater hält viel von einem guten Essen.

I guess it means this: "My father thinks a lot about good food". But I am not sure at all, that that"s actually the right interpretation. It just sounds a bit funny lớn me. Maybe I just found a strange example.

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You correctly translated Was hältst du davon with What bởi you think about it, & yes, it is commonly used in normal conversation.

I would translate your next example Mein Vater hält viel von einem guten Essen with

My father highly appreciates a good lunch/dinner

so in this case "viel halten von" means something lượt thích appreciate, esteem, hold in esteem.

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Adding lớn the answer given above, according khổng lồ my study, there are few usages other than expressions you have mentioned above using halten.

Halten von .. (Was hältest du davon, dass ... What vì you think that ...)

This seems pretty common among fkhorizont-turnovo.coms. I indeed hear this expression a lot.

As you mentioned halten viel von could be translated as "to think highly of sth." as such it means khổng lồ appreciate so basically there are no differences between them.

Halten für .. (This means regard something as something)

This expression is also pretty common. I have seen this multiple times in fkhorizont-turnovo.com literature. For example, wir halten das für gut. (We think that (regard that) that is good).

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The phrase "Mein Vater hält viel von einem guten Essen" is stylistically not ideal.

It should read: "Mein Vater hält viel auf gutes Essen."

"halten auf" = to lớn appreciate

nói qua
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answered Jan 18, 2021 at 16:11
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