Why are there so many AFK players in Heists?

You probably already know that it’s a common problem going on all over the hệ thống that many players join heists và start going AFK (away from keyboard) meaning they just joined lớn exploit other people’s heist efforts.

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But why???

Why vì you AFK players vị this? Leaving us all the work & not vị at least one investigation?Very inconsiderate!

I’ve been khổng lồ many heists with different kinds of players. Và believe me, I played with AFK players way too many times.

One time, I did a medium heist with 3 AFK players và the one that was not AFK was not that good at doing heists at all.

I joined a hard heist và 2 were AFK. The other 2 active players started saying negative things khổng lồ them (even though the AFK players were not there to lớn see it). They said threatening things lượt thích beating up their guilds và blocking them. They were really angry so I stayed silent. When one of the AFK players came back during the heist, he apologized but the other 2 active players were still indignant.

After doing many heists with AFK players, I realized some things.These people, these AFK players, they all have reasons why they went AFK.

I heard a lot of reasons why players were AFK.

Here are some of the common reasons:

Low Battery Phone:- Needed khổng lồ charge- Had to switch phonesBoss came inBoss doesn’t want khổng lồ see people not doing their responsibilitiesSomeone calledDoing other stuff while playing (eating, watching, etc.)Had to pay attention to lớn a conference or event- It is rude to lớn use your phone while someone’s speaking/performing

And many more.

I too am guilty of AFK. I joined a heist và I was not able to do anything, nothing at all. & the reason was: I was immediately called to vì chưng something. So I put down the phone và started doing what I must do. It took more than đôi mươi minutes so there was no time for me lớn catch up with the heist. I felt remorseful. One player was even vexed enough to cốt truyện what happened in VIP chat.

You may learn khổng lồ be patient with AFK players or get used khổng lồ them as time goes by.It may be infuriating, but you need khổng lồ learn to lớn see their side of the story.I know you also don’t want to be threatened by other players because you had something more important to lớn do.

So the next time you vì heist with AFK players, remember to stay calm, be patient, và show kindness và compassion khổng lồ these people.You never know, one AFK player might be in a middle of a life-threatening calamity.

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Remember, real life is more important than playing games.

I felt I needed to nội dung this. Thanks for reading!