you pull a gun to lớn the sunforce its hot tongue on my austral breastsask for the pluviophile experiencesaline taste of fifty fairy children to searesinous taste of fifty rồng children lớn woodland

you entrap the low nimbostratusforce its widespread head between my thighsask for the cloud walker experienceone pious pillar of wet pink lotusbronze drum cleaving tides from red river delta

from “Game of Exiled Bondage”

She, Self-Winding is a collection of poems that explores, through slanted narrative và shrewd linguistic play, the trajectory of an immigrant girl from a remote village who endures the aftermath of a civil war as she makes her escape by boat, leaves behind a home country, copes with domestic violence & abuse as a teenager, and grows up in a democratic Western society as a woman forming her own social và sexual paradigms, all in times of incredulity.

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Luu Dieu Van was born in Vietnam and migrated to the US at a very young age. She is a prolific translator & is currently co-editor of the prominent Vietnamese-English literary magazine domain authority Mau. She holds an M.B.A. From the University of Massachusetts, và devotes time between painting & volunteering for her charity organization that provides support for underprivileged children. She is the author of 47 Minutes After 7 (Van Nghe), M of December (Vagabond Press), and Century of Scapegoating (Van Hoc Press), and co-author of The Transparent Greenness of Grass (Tre Publishing House) and Poems of lưu Diệu Vân, lưu lại Mêlan, Nhã Thuyên (Vagabond Press).

Praise for Previous Work

Luu Dieu Van’s poems are interesting because of her skillful và exquisite usage of imagery. In fact, it’s a tour de force. In almost every single poem, one could find an intriguing effect created by the peculiar choice of words that she inserts at the right place và the right time.

Trinh Y Thu, author of The Ruins of Mirages

Luu Dieu Van’s poetry has a strong emphasis on diction, it employs a language which addresses the public. Her poetry is not for the page alone, it is also for the tongue, for the performance stage. It is a spoken voice, the audience will hear the wit of the words, the exuberance of the vernacular & the energy of the speech.

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Nguyen Tien Hoang, tác giả of Captive and Temporal

Rich in theme, with a brave và lively selection of imagery, Van excels at incisive observation—at times tragic, và more often than not, very funny.

Jennifer Mackenzie, author of Navigable Ink

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