Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for khổng lồ snag on the cheap.

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This week, I look at some more fun speculation related to lớn the recent news, leaks, rumors, theories, và announcements. Topics ranging from Kraven khổng lồ Gotham Knights khổng lồ Obi Wan Kenobi. Just some more fun books khổng lồ hunt for cheap based some rumors for upcoming MCU & DC projects & comics.


As I always say, Comics should be fun; và I want lớn provide content that keeps this hobby the good time that it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG, then you may have seen some of these pick-ups before as I typically nói qua my pick-ups there when they happen. Kiểm tra it out if you lượt thích seeing more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking out for in those bins…




Spectacular Spider-Man #116

Many folks have been rushing to a bunch of these books this week with the announcement of the casting of the character of The Foreigner.

There are many options for 1sts, cameos, & retconned appearances, but I think most have decided hat this is the 1st full app & the book lớn have. It’s possible it may not have been dug out at of those cheap boxes near you so be mindful of this one when digging.

Recent Sales:

Raw: $29.99 on 3/10 or $2.00 on 3/9

Current Listing example:

Raw: $23.99 – $29.99




Batman New 52 #28

I know CW spec doesn’t typically move the needle but with the success of The Batman, it seems more attention is being paid lớn these bat-universe announcements right now.

While Harper Row’s 1st is Batman New 52 #7, this is the issue she takes on the mantle of Bluebird, which is who she will play n the upcoming Gotham Knights series.

Recent Sales:

Raw: $14.95 on 3/10

Current Listing example:

Raw: $14.99 – $21.00




Daredevil #607

SPOILER Alert for Devil’s Reign #5 that came out this week, but Kingpin murdered who he thought was Matt Murdoch. It turns out it was his “twin” brother, Mike Murdoch.

A weird history as a former alter ego for Matt from his early days that was made “real” in this issue of daredevil by the inhuman Reader. Is this the last we see of Mike Murdoch? Either way this is a fun book you can dig out for cheap.

Recent Sales:

Raw: $3.79 on 2/13

Current Listing example:

Raw: $2.99 – $3.99




Catwoman #23

Also cast this week for Gotham Knights is a possible villain for the series Duela Dent, the Joker’s Daughter. Now she first appeared way back in Batman family issue #6, but she was completely redesigned for the ew 52 and that is the version I would expect khổng lồ see in the show and going forward.

The redesign 1st appeared in this Catwoman issue so this is the one you should keep an eye out for amongst all those New 52 books buried in the cheap boxes.

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Recent Sales:

Raw: $4.99 on 3/10

Current Listing example:

Raw: $7.99 – $14.99




I’ve mentioned these Journals of Obi Wan Kenobi issues from the 2015 Star wars run before as have many others, but surprisingly there are still many of these tucked away in cheap boxes still. So keep pulling these 3 issues (#7, #15, & #20) as they all have potential khổng lồ be adapted in the upcoming Disney + Limited series. Issue #20 is probably the most expensive right now, tanks khổng lồ the đen K appearance on the cover, but these are worth grabbing for cheap for the read alone anyway.