Maestro is a brand of debit thẻ issued by Mastercard. Maestro cards can be used for in-store payments and for withdrawing cash at ATMs. Most Maestro cards also allow online payments, depending on the associated bank.

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Maestro vs. Mastercard—what’s the difference?

Maestro debit cards & Mastercards are both issued by Mastercard, so it can be easy to confuse the two. The key difference is that Maestro is available only as a debit card, whereas Mastercards can be issued as a debit, credit, or prepaid card.To learn more about the differences between the two types of cards, read our guide on debit, credit, và prepaid cards.

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How does a Maestro debit card work?

Issued by associated banks, a Maestro debit thẻ is linked directly khổng lồ your checking account. Customers use a Maestro thẻ for withdrawing cash at an ATM or making a payment at a retailer, and some Maestro cards allow online payments too. Once a payment is made, the transaction is tracked to lớn the linked account, & the amount is deducted from the balance.

Which retailers accept Maestro thẻ payments?

Many retailers và ATMs worldwide accept Maestro debit cards for making cash withdrawals, contactless transactions, & PIN-verified payments. You’ll often see the red và blue Maestro hình ảnh sản phẩm on a retailer’s door, signaling to customers that Maestro is accepted. If you’re uncertain, it’s a good idea to kiểm tra with the retailer khổng lồ make sure that they take Maestro.


Benefits và drawbacks of Maestro debit cards

Maestro cards are recognized worldwide, offering convenient access to money at home and abroad. Plus, because debit purchases are deducted directly from your account, it’s easy to lớn track where your money was spent. Payments made via Maestro cards also reduce the need for physical cash, making your money safer.

One drawback is that some transactions may incur fees, like using a non-branch ATM khổng lồ withdraw cash.

Maestro debit card—NFC technology-enabled

Maestro cards are NFC technology-enabled. This giải pháp công nghệ digitally links the card, the connected ngân hàng account, & a retailer’s payment reader to take contactless payments.

With one tap at checkout, the electronic software communicates directly with your bank account to lớn deduct funds.

To learn more about NFC & contactless technology, read our guide khổng lồ contactless payments.

Are payments made with Maestro safe?

Maestro debit card payments have khổng lồ be verified by the cardholder’s signature or chất lượng PIN if they go over a mix limit, making them a quite safe khung of payment. Cash withdrawals at ATMs can only be processed after entering your unique PIN, regardless of the withdrawal amount. This greatly reduces the risk of large fraudulent payments or unauthorized use.

How khổng lồ get an Maestro debit card

You can order a Maestro debit thẻ if you are a resident of Germany, Austria or the Netherlands. Maestro debit cards are completely không lấy phí for premium tài khoản holders, and those with a Standard account can order one for a one-off €10 delivery fee.

Open your app, tap “Cards”, tap “Get an additional card”, look for the “Maestro” tab,Tap “Choose” to lớn place the card order, andDone.

You should receive your card within 10 working days.


How to lớn use an Maestro debit card

Once you receive your Maestro debit card you can begin using it right away. Simply make a purchase and present your thẻ at Maestro debit cards are NFC-enabled with touch-free technology, so you can simply tap your thẻ at checkout when making smaller purchases in person.Larger payments & any ATM withdrawals will need khổng lồ be verified by entering your 4-digit pin sạc or with a signature.

Why does offer both Maestro and debit Mastercards?

Offering both Maestro cards and debit Mastercards gives our customers multiple payment options that are widely accepted across the globe. The more ways khổng lồ pay, the more flexibility we can offer our customers.

A Maestro card is a debit thẻ issued by Mastercard. Customers can make cash withdrawals at ATMs và contactless or PIN-verified payments in stores. Some cards also enable payment for online purchases.

Maestro cards can only be used as debit cards, meaning they only have access to lớn the funds on the owner’s bank account. A Mastercard, on the other hand, can be issued as a debit thẻ or a as a credit card, where purchases made on the thẻ are billed to the customer at the over of the month. Mastercard also offers prepaid cards, where customers can địa chỉ cửa hàng funds to the card without connecting it to lớn their bank account.

Like other debit cards, Maestro cards are linked lớn a checking account & deduct the payment amount instantly from the tài khoản balance. They are NFC technology-enabled, so cardholders can make contactless payments for smaller purchases. For larger payments or cash withdrawals at ATMs, the cardholder must enter their 4-digit pin or signature khổng lồ verify the transaction.

Maestro cards are quite secure. Nearly every purchase must be verified with the user’s chất lượng PIN or their signature, limiting the risk of unauthorized thẻ usage. Any cash withdrawals made at ATMs must be PIN-verified as well.

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With Smart, You, and Metal accounts, you can order a Maestro card for free right in your app. Standard tài khoản holders can order a Maestro card for a one-off delivery fee of €10.