No Nut November: Everything you Should Know

No Nut November (NNN) has been an internet challenge for men và women since 2011. Now that we’re in mid-November, you may have already seen some internet memes, or perhaps overheard some jokes about NNN. So what exactly are the rules? What’s the point? Let’s look at both sides of the argument about NNN.

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What is No Nut November?

No Nut November (NNN) is a challenge that requires men & women khổng lồ refrain from ejaculating through the entire month of November, either through sex or masturbation. NNN has become such a popular trend across social truyền thông media that big name brands have begun incorporating it into their kinh doanh messages, và Facebook và Instagram posts. There are two sides lớn the argument about NNN regarding the pros & cons of ejaculation.

What are the rules to lớn No Nut November?

1. No ejaculation is allowed by any means.2. Pornography is allowed.3. You must complete the full month of November.

The history behind NNN involves an anti-pornography movement inspired by various groups online, và the term was first coined on Urban Dictionary in 2011. Certain groups believe that abstaining from masturbation is a way to lớn combat addiction lớn porn or sex. People in those groups claimed they were able to lớn occupy the time they usually spent masturbating with more “beneficial” activities lượt thích learning a new language, working out, etc; while others even claimed spikes in their testosterone levels by abstaining from ejaculation.

While these claims are wildly unsubstantiated, the challenge has evolved as it has risen in popularity. Many men & women view the challenge as a fun way to kiểm tra willpower & for the most part, NNN has become much more tongue-in-cheek & generator of funny memes và online sexual humor.

Are there benefits to No Nut November?

Some of the benefits that pro-NNN people claim about NNN is that it increases energy levels, improves self-confidence, boosts mental clarity, increases testosterone, & increases physical output đầu ra in the gym.

For many men dealing with erectile dysfunction, sex or masturbation can become especially stressful. ED can cause a man lớn physically & emotionally withdraw from his partner. Taking a break from sex or masturbation can greatly reduce some of the pressure or anxiety surrounding the relationship. Choosing lớn abstain from sex can also allow couples khổng lồ find alternate ways of being intimate besides physical contact. If you"re curious about the effects of taking sex or masturbation off the table, try it. If you have a partner, talk to lớn them about it & get their take on it.


On the other hand, ejaculation is good

On the other side of the NNN argument, supported more by scientists, medical professionals, & Giddy- there is evidence to lớn suggest that ejaculation can have positive mental và physical health benefits, including ức chế reduction, boosting heart and erectile health, & even helping stave off the risk of prostate cancer. For men ignoring NNN & taking advantage of these sexual benefits, EddieⓇ is the FDA’s Class II wearable constriction device that’s proven lớn help men enjoy harder, healthier erections, và provide natural, satisfying ejaculation. Men dealing with issues like erectile dysfunction, diabetes, heart conditions & more are using Eddie for a happier sex life.

Masturbation, in particular, can help you sleep better & even strengthen the muscle tone in pelvic areas of the body. It’s important to lớn understand that masturbation isn’t unhealthy. Masturbation can relax muscles, facilitate better sleep, release endorphins in the body, và reduce stress. If you"re satisfied with your current routine và feel that sex và masturbation are healthy parts of your life, feel không lấy phí to continue.


It only becomes “too much” if masturbating gets in the way of your daily responsibilities. If you find masturbation is starting khổng lồ affect your job or social activities, it’s a good idea to lớn talk to lớn a professional therapist or counselor.

Whether you were just curious about NNN, or are thinking about taking on the NNN challenge yourself; vì your research to ensure the decision is right for you. If it were up to lớn Giddy, you would continue to lớn masturbate, have sex, và enjoy healthy, regular ejaculation as often as possible!

Have fun!

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