This has been checked by my teacher & she says it is correct but it just sounds wrong. I would expect it khổng lồ be

b) Die Umgebung ist sehr nett, jedoch sind die Leute ein bisschen unfreundlich.

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since I believe Leute to lớn be a plural. Although I am aware that cannot always be translated into English, to me, this sentence would mean

The surroundings are very nice, however the people is a bit unfriendly.

However, there may be a simple rule that I am not aware of. Who is correct?

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Looking around I found this in

is a common informal term for “people” in general. It is a word that only exists in the plural. (The singular of Leute is die/eine Person.)

Which seems khổng lồ indicate that the correct khung is

Die Leute sind

I have never seen die Leute ist.

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answered Nov 15, năm trước at 20:50

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I quote the vocabulary:

die Leute Pl., kein Sg.

die Leute, plural, no singular conjugation.So, I guess "die Leute ist" is wrong.

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answered Mar 5, 2021 at 0:45

Matteo CartaMatteo Carta
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