How do we work?

Remote First For IT support, we will attempt to resolve your issue with a remote first approach.

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We have been successful in resolving an average of 65% of issues remotely over the past year.

Self ServiceWe believe in putting as much problem-solving power nguồn into the hands of our clients as possible, so that you can get the answers you need 24/7.

How does IST provide support?




How vì we communicate with lớn you?

IT PulseCommunication tool that informs you of issues with và major changes to lớn IT systems.

Subscribe to lớn IT Pulse Emails

Service Status Dashboard Single webpage where you can see the operational status of key University systems.

Service Status Dashboard

What happens when I report an issue?

An “issue” means something is broken and kích hoạt needs to lớn be taken khổng lồ fix it. To lớn resolve issues, we take the following actions:


Issues are reported through the IST portal. You can report an issue here.

What happens when I submit a request?

A “request” means you are requesting a service or information about a service. Lớn respond khổng lồ requests, we take the following actions:


Service requests are available for several IST services through the Self Service Portal. Simply tìm kiếm for the request type in our Service Catalog. If you don’t see the request type you’re looking for, you can use our generic submit a request form. 

What is remote support?

IST aims for a remote first support model, meaning before we come to you in-person to resolve your issue, we will first attempt lớn solve the problem through remote access. This will be done via a remote desktop tool. The analyst supporting you will send you a link to the remote tư vấn tool at the time of your tư vấn session.

Should we be unable to resolve your issue remotely, we will schedule a time khổng lồ resolve your issue in-person.

How can I be notified of service outages?

IT Pulse emails subscribers notifications should there be any service degradations, outages or major updates occurring. Click here to lớn subscribe.

You can also visit the Service Status Dashboard for information on the current status of IST managed services.

How vị we ensure we meet your needs?

Your needs are our priorities. We ensure you find and receive unique services by:

Clearly describing our service offerings.Delivering service in a consistent & repeatable way.Making improvements based on data.Measuring the efficiency of our service delivery.Setting service levels that meet your expectations.

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How vày we plan for the needs of the university?

The Senior IT Partners are responsible for the strategic planning of IT needs across the university. They work with the College General Manager, Faculty General Managers, Deans and other academic and administrative leaders to support the core mission of their assigned College, unit or portfolio.

The Senior IT Partners also collaborate within the Partner portfolio, the IST Service Improvement Manager, & the IST Project Portfolio Manager to lớn coordinate IT strategy và significant IT initiatives. The Senior IT Partners are the trusted advisors & leaders lớn help the colleges or departments with their IT strategy. The Senior IT Partner for each portfolio is: