Dear BOLTians,We have burnt a total of 5,000,000 BOLTs for the first iteration of our BOLT Token Burn, with a dollar value of approximately USD 155,000 (at USD 0.031 per BOLT).

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This brings the Total Supply of BOLTs to 995,000,000 Tokens .

As mentioned lớn the community in our previous Business Performance Report (Q1 2019), this amount represents approximately 20% of our operating net profit in Q1.

In the meantime, it is business as usual for us at BOLT HQ as we build up the momentum khổng lồ our big reveal at NASDAQ on April 30th.

The several announcements we will make on the 30th will include welcoming several new partners to lớn the BOLT ecosystem. We are incredibly excited that these partners are embarking on a common journey with us to bring the Blockchain to lớn the masses.

If you have been following our announcements on our Telegram groups or on Twitter, several teasers have already been shared about what we will be revealing on April 30th.

In particular, we are pleased to lớn present our current slate of partners — Bitmax, Hisense, & Zilliqa, who have been part of the BOLT journey since Day 1. Ariel, Jerry, và Max have been instrumental pillars of building out the BOLT movement with us and will continue to bởi vì so as trusted partners.

We will also be launching two new applications at NASDAQ.

The enhanced BOLT+ ứng dụng features a curated blend of live TV channels and video clip playlists for different moments, genres, & moods. It also has in-built engagement and in-app currency features which allows nội dung creators và users lớn be rewarded for the time, effort, and quality of nội dung they submit khổng lồ BOLT.

The BOLT Wallet is the glue around our ecosystem — with in built token storage & mobile-data redemption packages. We wanted our users to lớn be rewarded with something very tangible for their time on their platform — simply internet access — which is, & will continue lớn be the ticket to the information highway for many. BOLT users can accumulate the BOLT tokens to be used within the ecosystem, or exchange it for other popular tokens which can be bartered in their respective fiat values.

Our guests at NASDAQ will be treated khổng lồ the big reveal before we go live on iOS & Android at the kết thúc of May/early June. We look forward lớn welcome guests both familiar & new. Look out for our announcements & surprises on that day!

We have 3 more teasers khổng lồ go, so bởi vì join in the conversation on Telegram & Twitter today.

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Have a great one, & see you all on our next update! Stay BOLTastic!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make BOLT a movement we can be proud of. Drop us a lưu ý at enquiry for suggestions on what you would like to read next.