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Noun careful planning had eliminated most of the muss that usually accompanies a move to lớn a new house Verb His suit was mussed when he got out of the car. the wind mussed up my hair
Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Ideal for anyone who doesn"t want the muss and fuss of a wood fire, this gas fire table makes for a snazzy addition lớn a patio or porch. — Jill Gleeson, Country Living, 6 Sep. 2022 Sheet masks are a no-muss, no-fuss way lớn get involved in the fun part of skincare. — Tatjana Freund, ELLE, 29 July 2022 For a no-muss, no-fuss cleanser, this one is a standout. — ELLE, 28 June 2022 This kit is a no-muss no-fuss guide to bouncy, voluminous hair. — ELLE, 17 Mar. 2022 The no-muss, no-fuss ethos works lượt thích a charm in The Post, which recounts the Washington Post’s harrowing journey lớn publish the Pentagon Papers and bring down the Nixon white House’s failed Vietnam policy. — Tim Grierson, Vulture, 14 Dec. 2021 For backpackers, travelers, office workers and others who want to lớn make coffee with less fuss & muss, Anodyne Coffee Roasters now sells packs of single-serving bags of ground coffee for steeping. — Carol Deptolla, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 30 Aug. 2021 The point of the trusts was that the creditors could seize the assets with no muss no fuss from other creditors in the event of Jackson"s bankruptcy. — Peter J Reilly, Forbes, 4 May 2021 Protecting my spot in the slab cut-and-thrust was without muss. — Joe Michaud, San Diego Union-Tribune, 14 Mar. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The story goes that the pastry chef Lasne, who had a siêu thị near the Paris stock exchange in the late 1800s, created these little cakes for his stockbroker clients as a treat that wouldn’t muss their hands. — New York Times, 2 Feb. 2022 Curreri came onstage in jeans và a Led Zeppelin T-shirt, his beard short and his dark hair mussed. — Brendan Fitzgerald, Longreads, 14 Mar. 2020 The black và white đoạn phim -- tinged with a cảm ứng of red on Trump"s tie & his signature MAGA hats -- includes his legendary hair-mussing on The Tonight Show & a deep, soulful American flag embrace. — Gil Kaufman, Billboard, 1 Oct. 2019 So, is Chrissy & John"s a custom piece, adding additional anxiety to the concept of mussing it? — Hadley Keller, House Beautiful, 3 Sep. 2019 His hair was fairly mussed sitting down lớn discuss the preceding 47-23 Alabama win on a hot day in South Carolina. — Michael Casagrande | Mcasagrande

Xem thêm: Giải Toán 8 Bài 1 Mở Đầu Về Phương Trình, Toán 8 Bài 1: Mở Đầu Về Phương Trình, al, 15 Sep. 2019 Then, once the decision is made, the nervousness around mussing up the pristine new thành viên of the household. — Hadley Keller, House Beautiful, 3 Sep. 2019 The show used khổng lồ be the king of late night but stumbled in the ratings after Fallon’s now-infamous hair mussing appearance with Donald Trump. — Washington Post, 16 July 2019 Cillian passes him, mussing Rhys’s carefully parted hair into wild curls và laughing at Rhys’s frustration. — David Canfield,, 17 July 2019 See More

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