If there were no plug-ins, the World Wide web as we know it today would probably be a little different. A lot of features that we use without really thinking about them are only possible because a plug-in performs tasks in the background. Every time we click on a đoạn clip or xuất hiện a document in a website browser, these helpful browser add-ons ensure that we actually see the information we want. But what is a plug-in exactly?

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The best WordPress plugins 2021
14.07.2022Blogs WordPress is popular because even beginners can use it lớn quickly mix up a fully functioning blog or website. But those who want lớn use the CMS to implement more complex web projects also get their money’s worth. With the right WordPress plugins, the platform can be easily adapted lớn suit your needs và expanded with practical functions.

The best WordPress plugins 2021


01.04.2020Search engine marketing Before a trang web can be fully optimized for tìm kiếm engines, trang web operators must first see which areas have room for improvement. Analysis and evaluation of links profiles, meta tags, PageRank and many other factors is part of everyday life for SEO specialists. With the help of a variety of SEO tools, you can save yourself a lot of time và stress in SEO. Many of the best tools come as practical...

The most important SEO plugins for your browser
18.02.2021Web development Add-ons can hardly be kept away from today’s browsers. They expand your browser with additional features and give you the chance khổng lồ customize it khổng lồ your own needs. In this article, you can find out exactly what add-ons are & what you can vì with them. Vì you know the difference between add-ons và plug-ins? You’ll learn more about that, too, in this post.

What is an add-on & what does it do?
22.04.2021Know-how What is open source software (OSS) và what is special about it? The history of open source và the principles of the freely accessible software development code date back khổng lồ the very first mạng internet technologies. In this article, we will show you what the first open source models were, how xuất hiện source differs from closed source software and how you can use it lớn your advantage.

Open source software explained

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Here, you’ll find out how you can liên kết Google Analytics lớn a trang web while also ensuring data protection...