"When I Was Young" was written by Eric Burdon and included on various Animals albums as well as being a single release.Burdon"s composition marks an important turning point for the Animals: many of The Animals" hits had been Brill Building productions, most notably the husband-and-wife team of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, which was an effort by their producer Mickie Most lớn make this British Invasion band sound more American. Burdon found this too restricting, và the group moved lớn Decca Records by 1966. This was amongst their first hits after this move.

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Cover versions of this song include versions by Golden Earring, Eddie Fisher, Tina Turner, and The Ramones. It"s also been featured in film soundtracks such as Doris Dorrie"s Manner....
Speaking with American Songwriter magazine in a 2013 interview, Eric Burdon said this is the first tuy vậy he wrote that has stood the test of time. He explained: "When I first wrote it I played it to lớn George Harrison and his phản hồi was "Great! You got to vì more of this. You"ll know you"ll be able to lớn sing this tuy vậy when you are in your forties." Now I am in my 70s & I am still singing it."

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Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 2nd 1967, "When I Was Young” by Eric Burton và the Animals entered Billboard"s Hot đứng đầu 100 chart at position #77; four weeks later on April 30th, 1967 it peaked at 15 for 3 weeks & spent 9 weeks on the đứng top 100...And on June 3rd, 1967 it reached #2* for 3 weeks on the Australian RPM 100 Singles chart...Between 1964 and 1968 the British quintet had eighteen top 100 records; three made the đứng top 10 with one reaching #1, "The House of the Rising Sun" for three weeks in 1964... For their last eight charted records their name changed from The Animals to lớn Eric Burton & the Animals... * The three weeks that "When I Was Young" was at #2, the #1 record for those three weeks was "This Is My Song" by Petula Clark.see more comments
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"Achy Breaky Heart" was originally recorded in 1991 by The Marcy Brothers as "Don"t Tell My Heart." That original version had the lyrics: "Don"t tell my heart, my achy, breakin" heart..."

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"(I"ve Had) The Time of My Life" was a huge hit from the movie Dirty Dancing. It was used in the climactic dance scene at the end, which was actually the first scene shot for the movie.

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"Baby One More Time" was originally offered to lớn TLC but they passed on it. The R&B trio felt uncomfortable singing ""hit me baby one more time."

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"Whole Lotta Love" was Led Zeppelin"s only US vị trí cao nhất 10 hit, charting at #4. Many of their songs, including "Stairway lớn Heaven," were not released as singles, as it was considered bad khung in England khổng lồ make people pay for singles that were on albums.

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When Metallica performed in china in 2013, they were not allowed khổng lồ play "Master of Puppets."

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Todd Rundgren explains why he avoids "Hello It"s Me," and what it was lượt thích producing Meat Loaf"s Bat Out of Hell album.

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These overtly religious songs crossed over to the pop charts, despite resistance from fans, và in many cases, churches.

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As a 5-year-old, Brandi was writing lyrics lớn instrumental versions lullabies. She still puts her heart into her songs, including the one Elton John sings on.

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